The Swing of Things

I often find myself being very judgemental of my own decisions. I always look at my options logically and try to understand what would lead to the best long-term outcome. Often times, primarily because of the busy nature of my life, this means taking a break.

On my homepage, I refer to myself as a “worker bee” because it is an incredibly accurate analogy. I love to work, I love to be busy and buzzing and reaching for my next achievement. I can’t think of anything I would want to do less than take a break. When I’m on a roll and I can feel the checkmarks piling up on my to-do list, I feel as though I have enough energy to take on all of the world’s problems.

I know I don’t, but it’s easy to understand how that feeling can become addicting. Taking a break can be hard, but getting back into your groove can be even harder. These next few weeks are going to throw me through a loop. I have a big life event coming up on the 19th, then I leave for another big life event on the 21st. After that, I come home for one day and leave the next to watch my best friend realize her dreams. Not long after that, I leave for Montreal to realize mine. Hectic, right?

I published this website today. I wonder if it’ll find it’s groove soon.


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