Belgian Cappuccinos

When you’re sitting in a business lounge in Belgium drinking a decent cappuccino, you wonder about a lot of things. You wonder if you need a college degree to sip a cappuccino in Belgium while waiting for your flight to Senegal. You wonder why you’re in Belgium, why you’re going to Senegal, why anything you are trying to accomplish should be accomplished right now. Is this the right time to be on the bleeding edge?

Lately, I’ve been thinking about mistakes and their relationship to freedom. The famous quote goes “if you’re not free to make a mistake, you’re not free at all.” I think the mistakes I might be making scare people in my life. In history, there is a pattern of threats being made on national security and personal freedoms being limited because of that. Individual liberties are all we have in times of crisis. That is why war continues, why innocent people are always dying, why we can never seem to be entirely at peace.

So yes, I am in Belgium, I will be in Senegal soon. I want to continue to do work that doesn’t require a degree because this work has been what I enjoy the most so far. I am pushing against a system that has indoctrinated almost everyone I care for, and they are beginning to push back harder. I wonder how the next few months will go.



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