This Funk

I’m in a funk. It’s the truth, I’m not my usual self. Things have felt off ever since I graduated. I’ve traveled farther in the last 30 days than I ever have before, and I believe it’s taking a toll on me.

There are a lot of other things taking a toll on me as well. However, I do not think those things are worth writing about. They require a lot of emotional energy that I am not willing to exert, especially for those specific reasons. This funk has me down, it has me question whether or not I should keep trying to do what I want to do.

I have some plans and some paths I could take to find my way out of this funk, but all of them require time and patience. Two qualities I feel as though I lack. I can’t create time and my patience has been worn down by years of irrelevant education. I want to shake this feeling of failure, but I have to acknowledge and accept that it will be here tomorrow.

The best things in life usually take time. There are exceptions, but rushed processes generally don’t sustain well. I’m allowing this funk to be here, but it doesn’t impede my work or make me unproductive. All it does it make me ask questions I didn’t have before. It’s got me down, but hopefully, I’ll come out of it with a better idea of what I want.


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