A Guarantee

There is always one person in this world who loves you. You probably know them, although you may not. They might be present in your life, or they might cheer you on in a more subtle manner. They are still there, waiting for you to remember how dear you are to them.

You will always love at least one person. I hope you will always love yourself, but I hope you will still have another person to love as well. I guarantee that love will make your life fuller. Dark times will come, but love, true love, is able to brighten any bad day.

This is not a new idea, but I like to reiterate old ideas sometimes. Lately, I found myself forgetting that someone loved me. I think I subconsciously pushed them away because I was angry that I didn’t try harder to be around them, to spend more time with them. I made one mistake and said “well this is over now! I’d better throw in the towel.”

I forgot that love takes time. Love takes time to grow and time to chip away at. One mistake won’t ruin years of a relationship. I find it difficult to remember that errors are what make us human, not unforgivable. I have acknowledged my mistake, apologized for it, cried for it, understood it, and vowed to never make it again. I think in the process of doing so, my relationship with the person I love has already gotten stronger.


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