Bittersweet and short

I had a ballet class today that made me feel like a new person. I love the teacher, her style, her passion, her aggression towards injustices within the ballet world, etc. Her class lifted my spirits after two and a half weeks of nonstop travel. However, it also made me very sad to remember that it was the last class I would ever take with her.

I haven’t taken many classes with her. She was diagnosed with an auto-immune disorder when I had first started dancing, so she was out of commission for the earlier part of my ballet training. When she came back, her teaching reminded me of how much I enjoy the musicality and inflection that ballet should express. So many other teachers get caught in repetition and technique, that they forget that the audience has no concept of 180 degrees of rotation. They only want to see beauty and feeling through movement.

I’ll miss her. I wish I could take her with me so she could continue to support me in what I know will be a difficult transition. I truly hope I am wrong, and that this was not my last class with her.


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