Austin: Whole Foods is Ridiculous

My flight to Austin was short, but it consisted of two women talking over me in mixed hand signals and gibberish. I must have pissed them off by the end of the flight because they were pointing and motioning to me, probably hoping I wouldn’t notice. I did, as by evidence of this blog.

The first thing I did was go to Whole Foods. The person I’m staying with insisted that we visit the massive supermarket, as I had never been and it was a particularly large store for the chain. I guess it may or may not have been Mackey’s first location, but it was obvious that he had a part to do in the design. I enjoyed it, I’m making them take me back because I want to buy overpriced groceries.

My first day in Austin was great. I had great coffee, ate great Thai food, and visited a great supermarket. Living in such a small place has isolated me and made me forget that things like amazing coffee and ridiculous but fun grocery stores can exist. As I get closer to leaving for Montreal on the 20th, I get more and more excited to live in a bigger city.



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