Dealing with People

Here’s the long and short of it: you’re going to have to deal with people. I’m suffering from some serious concentration issues right now, so lets keep this short.

I dealt with a complete ass today. He decided it was his job to police the grocery store self-checkout line. I decided it was my job to put him in his place. We both ended up angry and giving each other shitty looks, but that’s how it usually ends up.

Life is teeming with people who would rather stick their nose into something that really doesn’t concern them than mind their own business and go on their way. This dude was obviously one of those people. As I’m writing this, I wonder if I have already let him win by letting his actions bother me this much. But that’s not what this blog is about.

This blog is about how to deal with them. Just tell them off if you need to, other than that leave them alone. They don’t deserve your time, effort, or attention. You have much more important things to be worried about.


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