Cold Emails

Cold emails suck. They really really do suck. There are very few things I dislike doing, but cold emails are one of them. Cold calling, cold emails, cold communication of any sort makes me incredibly uncomfortable, but I feel justified in saying that most people would agree with me. I’ve only met and connected with a handful of people in my life that feel confident in their cold communication skills, but that confidence was usually grown through practice.

Even though I say I dislike cold emails, I get a feeling of success when I get a response from one. It did not take long for me to understand that the best cold email is a short, direct one that offers the recipient an easy to answer question or request. Keeping this in mind, I try to find the balance between warmth and efficiency in my cold emails. I don’t want to come off as robotic and mechanical, but I also want to make sure that my communication is taking as little time as possible to get my message across. This is a challenge, but I take it as such.

I got a response from one of my most recent cold emails today. I didn’t expect one from this particular person. I’ve been down on my response rate for cold emails lately, and I think it has caused my ego to take a hit. As an eighteen year old, I am not sure I have yet to grasp the nature of communication via messages without any prior introduction, but I know that they are necessary. For every twenty cold emails I send, I may get one response, and that’s perfectly fine with me.

Regardless of my current disdain for cold emails, I know that practicing them will eventually rid me of that anxiety. I think it is important to remember that we all come from a place of constant work and grind, and the goal is to eventually be the person receiving cold emails. That dream will only be realized if you’re willing to step out of your comfort zone and market your abilities to the right people.


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