Cafes are the best places in the world and I firmly stand by this statement. I love coffee shops so much, I can’t begin to express how much joy they bring me. If I charted my productivity in all of my consistent environments (home, school, libraries, etc.), I can almost guarantee that coffee shops would far outmatch every other place.

I visited a new cafe in Mont-Royal yesterday. It was called Cafe Tricycle, it was tucked away and quiet and almost empty. At one point, I was the only person there besides the barista. For as much as I love coffee shops, I find that sometimes the music can be loud or there are too many people or the ambiance just doesn’t put me in the right headspace. This cafe was perfect. The music was soft, the coffee was fantastic and they had soy milk, which I know is weird to mention, but it makes a huge difference in my day.

As I clicked away at my keyboard, sending outreach emails and making phone calls to people, I realized that I had been putting much of my work off. When I try to do these things in my apartment, I find that it’s frustrating. Lately, I’ve been feeling very alone in this little studio and I think it is impacting how I work. When I went to Cafe Tricycle and there were a few people scattered throughout the shop, I didn’t feel as alone, but I also felt like I had enough space to work.

So, in my effort to be honest with myself, I’m adding more to my monthly coffee shop budget and taking that money out of my entertainment budget. All I truly use my entertainment money for is going to the movie theatre, and I have been doing that less and less as time goes on. I’d much rather enjoy working then try to escape by going to a theatre and watching a boring movie.

This adjustment comes at a time where a lot is changing in my life. It may seem insignificant in relation to the rest, but it reminds me to reflect on this period. I feel as though I am losing a best friend who has been with me for a long time. I’m leaving my family behind and pursuing paths that they don’t necessarily approve of. I’m working with people who may or may not be large parts of my career in the future.

It’s scary, I won’t lie (I’m not doing that anymore, remember?), but I want life to be a bit scary. The fear of failure was enough to make me pull all-nighters to study for exams and finish excessive amounts of homework, putting my health at risk for something I hated. I am sure the potential, not just the fear, of true failure and discomfort will push me to achieve even greater extremes to avoid it. Especially when these extremes involve productive tasks I enjoy.

I never thought I’d want to be a business person. I thought I’d want to be an artist, or a mathematician, or a linguist, or something I saw as more intellectual. Now I know how wrong I was. I see the strategy and the logic involved in entrepreneurship and it mesmerizes me. I have never wanted to learn and improve in a field as much as I do in business and branding.

So yeah, coffee shops.


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