Long Days in the Airport

Long days are inevitable, long days at the airport are just cruel. I actually enjoy airports a little bit. I think I like the busy energy that they exude. However, when I’m in a rush, catching an early flight, or doing anything that involves exhausted effort on my part, it can make my day hell.

I had a long ass day today and I was a bitch the entire time. I feel bad for my father who traveled with me, although I’m sure he’s used to this type of behavior. He leaves me be and lets me sulk until I feel like I can participate in some kind of human interaction again. Until that time comes, I’m awful to be around.

Sometimes, you have to give yourself permission to just throw a tantrum. Not often, frequent tantrums are reserved for infants, unfortunately. I think a tantrum in whatever form it may express itself can be healthy. Humans get fed up with stuff, especially our own inability to explain just how fed up we are.


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