Long Lost Love

Performing was always a part of my life in some way. My dad bought me my first guitar when I was 8, sent me to my first theatre camp at 9, and put me in singing lessons at 10. I didn’t start dancing until 15, but I felt like that had rounded out my performing ability.

Over the last year, I slowly set my singing and acting aside to focus on dancing. I did find it sad, but I had a hard time finding it too tragic because ballet had become so important to me. I lost the calluses that I built up for my guitar and left the band I played in. I started dancing 6 days a week and only working on acting in the fall.

Recently, I’ve picked singing back up and found myself feeling a lot more fulfilled outside of ballet. I think school kept me busy, but unhappy. Singing keeps me busy and doesn’t completely drain me emotionally. Now that I have more time, I realized I forgot how good it felt to use my voice.

It’s a long lost love for me, one that was rekindled in my search for something to alleviate my boredom. I do miss it and would love to keep my voice going as I move onto new things.


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