Build Up

I had an exciting day, until it was an awful day and everything spiraled out of control. What I mean is, it started off really good, I went to the second day of a professional development, I worked with a mentor/supervisor, and I got some exciting news; then it turned into a really awful day. I got into a few fights and ended up secluding myself to avoid anymore bickering.

Sometimes, there is a build up of emotions between different people. This particular build up was not a good one. Tension between myself and someone I care about exploded today. Our fight has made me question whether or not I want to continue our relationship in the same way.

It’s not healthy to let things build up. I don’t blame myself for this situation, I know that I’m most likely not in the wrong. I wish there was more I could do to salvage it. Maybe when I walk away, they’ll be willing to acknowledge that they may have to adjust their behavior towards me if they want to continue being a part of my life.

That’s just how it goes.


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