Looking for Perspective

I pushed myself really hard this week both physically and mentally. On my hike today, I was the strongest and weakest I had been since coming home. My legs are strong, my lungs are building back up, and my stamina has never been better. However, I’m sore, it was cold, and I felt the early signs of burnout. I’ve had a similar feeling in regards to my work – more capable than before but in need of rest.

A couple of days ago, I wrote about an awesome supervisor I have. I worked really hard today to try and understand a newsletter platform and build an effective template for their brand. I was struggling with a few of the comments he had made and glossed over some really simple changes that could have saved a lot of time. I felt as though I had wasted his time, so I sent him an email and thanked him for his patience.

It’s not that hard to be non-threatening and non-defensive but still advocate for yourself. He was appreciative of my willingness to continue to tweak little things and reminded me that it was the weekend and I should probably relax. I’ve always found that hours, days, weeks, and months blur while working from home. Sometimes, it doesn’t matter if it’s the weekend, because my “office” never closes.

However, rest is necessary. As much as I want to become stronger and get through my hikes faster, as much as I want to become more capable in my work, burnout is real and it can wreak havoc on your productivity. A day off is worth avoiding a week of procrastination. Your future self will thank you. Setting start and end times, taking breaks, and recognizing when you’re running out of steam are necessary practices for a healthy work life.


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