Show Up and Produce

There’s some quote that circulates on Facebook every once and a while and it goes something like this: “Showing up is 98% of the job.” When I was younger, I thought this quote was ridiculous. In my mind, showing up was the least difficult part of anything. However, my senior year definitely showed me that sometimes getting out of bed and convincing yourself to work can be the most difficult part of your day.

That’s why my first goal of every day is to show up in my own life. Show up to my closet, show up to my bathroom, show up to my kitchen, show up to my desk, to my hike, to my responsibilities. It’s my way of promising myself that I am going to work on whatever I need to accomplish. If I promise myself that showing up is 98% of the work, then I know that I’ve gotten past the hard stuff and I only need to complete the last 2% of my work. That 2% varies in length and quantity every day, but it is one of the only tricks that works for me.

Despite the mind games, this is a good idea to remember. Many many people will not apply, not reach out, and not show up because they doubt themselves or their abilities. By showing up and having a moderate amount of confidence in what you can do, people will be willing to listen to you. Employers and important people want to work with those who will show up and produce. Everyone can promise to be there and do something, but it’s up to you to act on that promise and prove that you’re not all talk.


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