Deciding Something isn’t for You

For the past month, I worked with as an intern with a group in my area. I was so hopeful for this opportunity. I thought it would be a fantastic way to meet some people and maybe even make connections for future internships. However, this was not the case.

I found that the group and I didn’t share the same values or attitudes towards our work. I felt out of place and unwelcome, even though I was doing a job that they had seemed eager about. Now that my internship is coming to a close, I think it’s safe to say that I won’t be seeking work with them in the future. I do believe that what they are doing is incredibly important for preserving culture, but I’m not interested in being in a toxic environment for the sake of culture.

It’s hard to see when a job isn’t right for you, especially if you’re tight for cash. I think what I was actually doing, such as the actual work I was performing, was enjoyable. It was the people I was surrounded by that frustrated me. That’s another factor that comes into play – is the work not for you or are the people you’re with assholes? I would suggest finishing the amount of work you signed up for, especially if you’re being paid for it. Once all is said and done, you should have had enough time to figure out if you’re willing to come back.

When it’s the environment or the that you hate, I would say it’s best to leave. The reality is, that environment most likely won’t be experiencing a drastic change anytime soon, so you’ll just be putting yourself back into a shitty situation. Even if the culture or vibe of that workplace does change, you’ve probably developed a negative connotation around that specific job and might not be able to perform well in it.

If it’s the job that you’re performing that you hate but you enjoyed the environment, I would talk to your supervisor about doing something different for your next contract. If you were working in SEO, but you found it tedious or boring, maybe ask your manager if they would be willing to hire you as a marketing intern the next time you’re available to work. As an intern, most offerings will say that they want your experience to be valuable and that they’re willing to work with you in terms of what you want to do. Take advantage of that and explore every type of job they’re willing to give you.



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