Tying up Loose Ends

Tomorrow is my last day in New Mexico. If you had told me five years ago when I moved here that I would have a bittersweet goodbye, I’d tell you that you’re crazy. A lot can change in five years though. I think about the young woman I was when I moved – upset, confused, worried. She was still looking for something that brought her joy and fulfillment. She wished away her youth.

I don’t reject the person I was five years ago. Every part of my life has brought me to this moment today, which is one that I am very grateful for. Now that it’s time to go, I have been focusing on tying up loose ends in New Mexico. Saying goodbye to old friends, packing, cleaning, collecting checks, moving money, scanning documents, thinking about the future a lot.

Thirteen-year-old me would be thrilled at the idea of leaving and going somewhere such as Montreal, but I’ve grown fond of this little valley and all of its quirks. When I wave goodbye tomorrow, I will remember all of the fond times I had with friends and family. I will remember late nights with my friends, collecting lab samples at the lake, and staying up to watch Game of Thrones.

Thank you Moreno Valley, it’s been fun. I’ve grown out of you, but I haven’t grown beyond you. I’ll be back soon.


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