What a Week

Missing two days of blogging is just the bitter cherry on top of my already melted sundae of a week. Despite losing my streak with my boyfriend ( which is very important, I know it sounds stupid, but it’s really how our relationship started and is valuable to us, ) losing my blogging streak, falling sick, losing my laptop charger, losing my bags in Montreal, and losing my mind all at the same, I have somehow managed to maintain my sanity.

Honestly, I’m at my wit’s end. This week has been absolutely horrible. I couldn’t think of worse conditions to move to a different country in. I’m reminded by those around me to look at the bright side of things – I am moving, which I have been wanting to do, and I’m moving to one of my favorite cities. The bumps in the road along the way are just temporary inconveniences.

My bags are coming tomorrow, I’m moving this weekend, and I seem to be getting over whatever cold I caught. There is a light quickly approaching at the end of the tunnel. I will admit it has been exceptionally hard to see the silver lining of this dilemma.


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