Finding My Feet Again

As I mentioned in yesterday’s blog, this week has been somewhat of a whirlwind for me. I spent 48 hours fighting with Air Canada to get my bags back, fell ill and missed spending time with my family, and had a couple more unfortunate things happen to me since Monday. Honestly, I’m so exhausted I can’t recall the exact events that caused these last few days to be so miserable, but trust me when I say they were.

So, I took a day today. It was my mothers birthday so we took her out for afternoon tea and a fun night on Mont-Royal. I missed two phone calls and a lot of time that could have been spent working, but I knew that I needed this day to relax and be with my family.

As I’m working to find my feet, I recall that familiar feeling of coming out of an illness or dark time. There is a lightness and happiness about finally reaching the light that you knew was sitting at the end of the tunnel. Does it make the suffering worth it? Who knows, it’s all relative at this point. All I know is that normal life feels better after feeling like shit for a few days.


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