Murphy’s Law

Life throws curve balls at the worst times. It’s reliable enough that you can predict when something will go wrong. I knew a few steps along this path of moving would be rocky, which is why I went into it with a “shipped is better than perfect” mindset. I just wanted to get settled and be able to live comfortably. The rest could wait until I felt more comfortable with my space.

Just like human beings, life isn’t always reliable. In fact, the only thing you can truly rely on is life’s aforementioned ability to always mess things up exactly when you needed them to go right. Murphy’s law right?

Except Murphy’s law is bullshit, because I have been in situations where things went particularly well when it should have gone up in flames. The difference between something going terribly wrong and unexpectedly right is the mindset. I went into this life event knowing that it wasn’t going to be easy, but other times I’ve gone into more temporary but worse situations with a higher level of confidence and seen them turn out fantastically.

Don’t let Murphy’s law decide what will and won’t go right in your life. If you don’t think about the things that can go wrong, the possibility of them happening is improbable, because you never created the scenario to begin with. Half of the time, when we imagine what we want going up in flames, we start the fire ourselves.



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