FROSH week. A tradition at most Canadian Universities. The last few days before classes start are taken and used as a means to learn about your new school, city, and group of peers. They’re also used to get blackout drunk and have regretful one-night stands. Fortunately, I have no intention of participating in their latter purpose. In fact, I will not be participating in that under any circumstances.

Sure, getting hammered and having a good time sounds fun to a lot of college students, but that’s just not the life for me. A history of addiction and alcoholism in my family has led me to look at the slippery slope that is drinking culture. I don’t want to get involved, especially with that added risk. The hook-up culture at universities is just as awful, but to talk about it would be to beat a dead horse.

For the next four days, I’ll be participating in FROSH events. A music concert, a massive tour of the city, a boat cruise, a music festival, a hike up Mont Royal, and a movie night in the field are just a few of the activities that are planned. In all honesty, they sound fun. I have a feeling it won’t be too hard to fend off the alcohol. I’ll just have to make sure I stand my ground on the issue.

Happy FROSH.


  1. […] This morning, maybe around 3am, I woke up with a miserable stomach ache. I ended up being sick two or three times before I was able to fall asleep again. I woke up again around 7am and turned off all of my alarms. I let my friends know that I would have to cancel all of my plans for the day, including my participation in FROSH. […]



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