Spoke Too Soon

This morning, maybe around 3am, I woke up with a miserable stomach ache. I ended up being sick two or three times before I was able to fall asleep again. I woke up again around 7am and turned off all of my alarms. I let my friends know that I would have to cancel all of my plans for the day, including my participation in FROSH.

I was reasonably a little upset. When my boyfriend called, I let my emotions get the better of me and needed a moment to pull myself together. Getting sick while you’re away from home for the first time can be scary. Suddenly you don’t remember anything about how to take care of a little stomach virus. The initial fear and disappointment were disheartening, so I spent the rest of the day in bed. After a long nap, I started to think about childhood.

There is no doubt in my mind that I wished mine away. Being in a university terrifies me. Walking around a city by myself, knowing I’ll have to do so for 16 weeks until I see my family again terrifies me. The moments in life that seemed easiest to me were in my youngest years. Going to the beach with my family, falling asleep in the car, being carried inside, still being able to sleep later that night. Being a child seemed restrictive, but soon enough you learn that you slowly replace security with freedom.

I spoke too soon when I said I couldn’t wait to grow up. I spoke too soon when I said I wanted to leave my family’s home. I spoke too soon when I said goodbye to my parents at the metro. However, as I have mentioned before, there will never be a “right” time. The right time is always now. It is always right to act as soon as possible. Even if it is too early or if you fall behind, at least you are challenging yourself.


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