What is Worth Your Energy

A few weeks ago, my mentor suggested I write an article on, essentially, what type of education is worth your time. While that piece is in the editing process, I wanted to write this quick…preview? Not really, it’s more of a sister piece, but the title and relation are unimportant.

Today was my first day of university classes and, to be honest, I didn’t hate it. My calculus professor is a funny, older man with a bit of a grumpy side. My philosophy instructor seems insightful and passionate about her job. She’s not afraid to make a self-deprecating joke for the sake of a laugh from her class. My French professor is also very funny, although she is blunt and stern. The only class I didn’t truly enjoy was Legal Anthropology.

The course is being taught by a Ph.D. student instead of the usual professor who is on sabbatical at Harvard. I felt some inkling of guilt as yawned while watching this young instructor flip through his beautifully designed slides. He was passionate as well, just perhaps not as eager to express it. Anyone who was willing to chase a Ph.D. in Anthropology must love the subject, but I truly didn’t feel any of that enjoyment in his lecture.

However, I refuse to give up that easily. Today was only syllabus day, which is always bound to be boring. Hopefully, the classes will get better in the coming weeks. I know I will soon regret longing for work and something to do, but I feel as though I must always long for something. Whether that is summer or midterms, my desire to stay busy may be what turned me off from anthropology already. It seems slow and thoughtful, two things I don’t usually like to pair.

Time will tell if I can stick it out. Three good classes out of four on the first try is a fantastic ratio.


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