The Syllabus Week Grind

Most college students will tell you the same thing – syllabus week sucks. It’s boring and it’s during the add-drop period for classes, so you can’t skip a class or they’ll give your seat to someone on the waitlist. It’s brutal, especially if your lecturer doesn’t know how to make it fun.

I would be lying if I said I wasn’t apprehensive about college. Many of my previous blogs outline a few of the concerns I had going into my first year at university. With that being said, I did want to make the best of my year and try to enjoy the classes I took. This semester I am taking Intro to Philosophy, Legal Anthropology, Calculus A, and Near Beginners French.

So far, the only class I am not thrilled about is Legal Anthropology. I was surprised and a little disappointed when I sat down in that class and found myself yawning within five minutes. I wrote a little about this in my blog yesterday and pondered whether this class would be worth my time. I’m going to stick with it for a few reasons.

  1. I can do anything for a semester.
  2. It’s only syllabus week. I should really give the lecturer a chance.
  3. The class might end up being a pre-requisite for my degree if I choose to continue.

There are more reasons why I should stay, but these are the three main ones that have kept me from dropping the class. I also don’t really want to go on a search for another one, but that’s a different problem altogether.

Syllabus week is not fun, no, but it’s valuable. I would have killed for a course outline like the ones I received yesterday when I was in high school. They tell you every single due date, set of questions, what reading you’ll need, and on what terms it would be accepted late. The PDF’s are so organized, they make my previous syllabuses look like a five-year-old wrote them.

Tomorrow is the last day of syllabus week anyway. It wasn’t too hard to stick out.



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