Taking Back Control

These last few weeks have not been the easiest time of my life. I’ve been consistently sick, tired, and in a frenzy since landing in Montreal. I’ve been stuck in this idea that I cannot miss any school and to do so would be to jeopardize any chance at success.

It’s dangerous to feel this way. Last night, my boyfriend and I had a serious talk about what it meant to be so far apart and how we both had to make efforts to see each other. In truth, I had made little to no effort. I was waiting for him to come to see me. Until last night, when I looked up a flight to his city and realized that it was perfectly within my reach.

High school never defined me or what I was capable of, so why would college? When I’ve always been told that university would give me more freedom, I can tell you that I’ve only felt trapped these last few weeks. By realizing that I was pressuring someone else to come to me and not acknowledging that I had the power to go to them, I was inhibiting myself and allowing school to control me.

I fly out next Thursday, by the way.


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