Learning to Love the Moment

Do you find that you live in the future? Or have maybe even come to fear it? I do. Whenever I go on a vacation, I find myself unconsciously counting down the amount of time I have left. It becomes somewhat melancholic as I begin to think “I only have X amount of days left at this beach” or “I’ll have to wait Y amount of time to see this person again.”

Today, I spent far too much of my day being upset that tomorrow was my last day with my boyfriend. Being the kind, supportive person he is, he reminded me that I tend to look towards the future with fear and apprehension. Instead, he asked if I could see it as a chance to look forward to new memories and appreciate the ones we were allowed time to make.

Frankly, he’s right. Living in the future can be just as painful as living in the past. There is a value to reaching towards a better, happier life every day, but always feeling as though your life is miserable is not the same. You have to live in the present, accept the past, and work every day to ensure a wonderful future. It sounds a lot simpler on paper, but sometimes a basic reminder can help a lot.

I hope you live in the moment. As far as I know, this is the only one I have and the last one I might see. It’s not worth it to worry about whether my next one will be as good as the last.


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