Don’t Fix it Right Away

Although there are many many arguments against what I am about to say, try to bear with me. There is some value in recognizing a problem, maybe even being upset about a problem, but not solving it right away. I’m definitely the type of person to recognize an issue, realize I don’t have an immediate, simple solution, become overwhelmed and eventually very upset. I mean, upset in the sense that it incapacitates me until I have forced the negativity out of me.

I have had an issue for the past month and a half that I have yet to solve. To be completely honest, this problem has been a part of my life for three to four months. I have gotten upset and cried many many times because of this problem. I have no reservations about confessing how much of an impact this particular conundrum has had on me. However, I continue to think about it. I have yet to find a solution that satisfies me.

That’s a decision we will all have to make at some point – is it better to deal with the mild to severe discomfort of your problem, or is it better to accept and act on a solution that you may not be 100% happy with? So far, I have learned that I am more likely to take the first option. This may be because I am concerned that if I chose a different road I wasn’t sure of, I would wind up exactly where I am right now. My thought process may be different than yours, but I do see the value in my thought process.

This is also the largest problem I’ve faced in my entire life. I’ve had my hand held and my decisions pushed forward up until now. To add to the fact that it’s a difficult problem in the first place, it’s taking me a long time to adjust to the fact that the choice between the solutions is completely my own


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