You Can’t Do It All

You can’t do it all…in one day. That is to say, you can do anything and everything you want to do, just don’t expect it to happen in the span of 24 hours. I had to check myself in this area today as I found that I was trying to accomplish seven billion things within a relatively short amount of time.

Please forgive my previous hyperbole, but I can promise it was accurate to the stress I was feeling. I will admit, this overwhelming feeling comes from a lack of effort on my part. September was an incredibly hard month for me, but I’m sick and tired of making excuses. Regardless of how unhappy I may be in my current circumstance, I have to push forward in the other parts of my life.

So maybe you can’t do it all today, but there’s always tomorrow. In all honesty, my worst days are usually the ones where I finish my to-do list, where I don’t have enough to do. I’m very grateful that I go to bed knowing what I need to work on tomorrow. I’m happy that I exist in a state of constant growth. I mean, what’s the alternative, right?


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