Fall in Quebec

You know, they say that Quebec is famous for it’s foliage. I won’t deny it, Autumn in Montreal has been somewhat magical compared to my last five Autumn’s in New Mexico. Despite the beauty that I saw as I walked around, I couldn’t help but feel a bit somber today. It was Canadian Thanksgiving, and I had never felt more alienated on a holiday.

I had celebrated this holiday before, but now it would certainly be more regular and pronounced during the holiday season. At the same time, I will lose something that is dear to me – American Thanksgiving. I’m not attached to the holiday so much as the memories I have surrounding it. A big meal consisting of some of my favorite foods, time with people I truly care about, and, most importantly, a break from school.

At McGill, we got one day. One day to rest, be thankful, eat dinner with people we are just getting to know, and scramble to get the last of our homework together.

To anyone in Canada, Happy Thanksgiving. To anyone in America, you guys don’t know how much I envy you right now.


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