Busy Busy Days

My past two days have been quite busy. I have been running from place to place, writing midterms, studying for other exams, and trying to manage internships and a regular courseload as well. I touched on this subject yesterday, but I was very tired and not prepared to dive into it.

Today, however, is a different day. Yesterday, I had four classes, one midterm, and one midterm review. I met up with a friend briefly during lunch because that was the only time either of us could scrape together to see each other. It was a big reminder that growing up and following through on your adult responsibilities will limit your social time. To cap the day off, I had dinner with a family friend who is helping me to get my passport application in. A very busy day that ended around 1am.

Today, I had a nail appointment around 11:30. I get my nails done every two weeks, but I swear it’s for practical reasons. I don’t wear makeup or use hair products other than shampoo and conditioner, so the money I save on what would be a woman’s “usual” beauty budget goes towards keeping my nails and eyebrows maintained. As someone who wants to be an entrepreneur and present a put-together representation of me, this is a reasonable expense.

After that, I had a French monitorat session. Monitorat is an ungraded, incredibly laid-back, class that everyone in a French level is required to take. My level is 103, so I was only required to take 3 monitorat sessions. I chose the first three available to get it out of the way and this one was my last one. The whole goal is to improve your oral comprehension and application of the language. Although I enjoy it, it definitely threw my schedule in a loop these last three weeks.

Around 4pm, I had a meeting at my bank to discuss savings accounts, a US chequing account, and credit card applications. The representative was extremely helpful and understanding when I told her that I was unfamiliar with a lot of these processes. Although it was not hard to get that done, it did take up a decent chunk of my time.

When I got home, I had a little time to put together some dinner before I changed my clothes and hopped back on the metro (for the 5th time today) to get to ballet.

Now, I can rest. I probably shouldn’t be though. I am meeting with my class group for my final project in communications tomorrow. I should be studying for a French midterm on Monday. I want to dig through last years eCalendar and see what courses were available in the summer. There are so many things I wanted to do that didn’t get done. There is never enough time in the day.

More often than not, I have to pick between very close priorities. I haven’t been to the grocery store in 10 days and am beginning to run low on food. I am most definitely going to go tomorrow, but it will make my day just as packed.

Growing up means taking care of your responsibilities but not allowing them to get in the way of taking care of yourself. It will be difficult to find a balance for a while, but I’m prepared to work through it. I’m enjoying this transition phase as much as I can and I won’t let a few hiccups ruin all of the amazing things I have seen and felt.


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