Two Months Down

As October is coming to a close, I want to reflect on how my first two months of university have been. In short, I am not confident that I will be able to continue here.

There are parts of adult life that I was unprepared for. Being in a different country all by myself has created different kinds of anxiety in my life. Charting new banks, government offices, healthcare systems, etc. while figuring out how to simply live by myself has been hard.

I’m determined to continue to try. Regardless of whether or not I decide to stay in college, figuring out my life is not a choice. I have to find a way to live and function that works for me. I have to create a budget and stick to it, get my nutrition back under my control, and pull myself together in general.

However, I want to do this slowly. I think I should focus on feeling good before I try to become uber organized.


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