Questions to Ask Yourself This Week

I find that I go through periods of asking more questions and periods of being quieter. This last week, I asked myself a lot of questions regarding what I want from my future, why I’m excited about what I do, and how I should work towards reducing my stress. I compiled a list of some questions that you can ask yourself this week to help reflect on what you are doing now and how it will help shape your future:

Why did you start? When I get frustrated about what I’m doing or bogged down with work, I find that going back to the beginning and reminding myself why I started is a great way to refocus.

What will this add to your future? Maybe you started a project a few years ago and kept it going because you felt an obligation to it or you didn’t want to let it go. If you don’t have any time in your schedule, maybe it’s time to question if some of your older projects are acting more as burdens.

Is your method of stress relief effective? A few weeks ago, I found myself incapable of relaxing. Unless I felt like I was achieving something, I would be unsatisfied. I started asking myself what had changed in my stress relief routine recently, and I realized I had missed a lot of workouts so that I could study more. Simply adding more exercise back into my routine fixed the problem in no time. Make sure you take a look at what helps you relax and don’t neglect it.

What does progress look like? Depending on your time frame, the answer to this question may be incredibly varied. If you have an essay due at 11:59 this evening, progress might look like a first draft done within the hour. On the other hand, if you have a video project you’ve been continuously working on, progress might look like filming today, editing for the next three days, and uploading in four days. Determine your progress timeline and remember to glance at it when you get discouraged.

Are you being honest? There are days where I say that I worked 8 hours, but I really spent 8 hours half-assing what I could have gotten done in 4 hours. Sometimes things will be slower and sometimes you’ll be a powerhouse of productivity. No matter where you fall, what matters most is that you’re honest with yourself about how much effort you are putting in.

Have a great week,


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