What is rest?

I took a week off. This week off happened to be planned ahead of time and focused on plenty of sunshine. It may or may not have included an all you can eat buffet, but that’s beside the point.

This particular vacation was much needed. I have been sitting on the edge of a cliff (metaphorically) for about a year now. Between leaving a place I had just begun to settle in to to starting a new long-distance relationship and a university education all in the same 3 month period, I was understandably exhausted all the time.

I don’t think exhausted always has to equal unhappy though. Being able to meet people who were studying what I was studying and having insightful conversations with them would tire me out while bringing so much light and excitement to my life at the same time. Making an effort to see my partner every single day was difficult for both of us at times, but it made it possible for us to spend an entire year as a long distance couple. Exhaustion and difficult tasks don’t always have to be things that correlate to a lack of fulfillment or joy.

However, prolonged exhaustion, no matter where it comes from, will drain a person. I’ve spent the last year balancing my family, friends, education, and future in the palms of my two very tired hands. I deserved a rest and I acknowledged that.

You were not born to run yourself into the ground. Find a way to enjoy your life, otherwise you’re willfully wasting it.